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I’ve helped companies across a variety of categories launch new brands, introduce new products and achieve new success.

Let’s discuss how we can build your brand to be the brand it was meant to be.

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7 Steps to Develop Your #SocialMedia Strategy

1. Define goals, objectives.
2. Research, audit social channels.
3. Identify content topics & types.
4. Create a daily posting schedule.
5. Determine process, systems, tools.
6. Track, measure, adjust.
7. Stop talking, start doing!

#TeamATL is hard at work prepping the volunteer uniforms today at @iceboxcoolstuff!

Who’s ready for their #ATLSB53 volunteer uniforms?


How can you write your best #socialmedia post every time?

1. Make it Convincing
2. Speak to an Audience of ONE (stop shouting at an audience of none)
3. Keep it Focused
4. Make it Actionable
5. Check That It's Shareable
6. Keep it Succinct
7. Add a Persuasive Call to Action

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