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I’ve helped companies across a variety of categories launch new brands, introduce new products and achieve new success.

Let’s discuss how we can build your brand to be the brand it was meant to be.

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Today we’re announcing our featured speakers @DomotexUSA this February. Keynote: @deniseleeyohn and Featured speakers Alan Beaulieu and James Dion #whyidomotex

9 Steps to a Winning #SocialMedia Strategy

1. Know Your Target Market
2. Craft Customized Content
3. Create a Cross-Platform Strategy
4. Keep Branding Consistent
5. Mix it Up
6. Engage Audience
7. Check Analytics
8. Track and Measure
9. Reassess, Revise, Rework

A brand can't just be a promise; it must be a promise delivered. - @deniseleeyohn

Customer Experience Success Relies On More Than Marketing via @forbes

Want to be an #entrepreneur? Here's how to get started:

1. Find a market with a need you can fill
2. Create a product or service that transforms people's lives
3. Standardize your process to turn that product into traffic and sales
4. Develop a bias towards action


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