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I’ve helped companies across a variety of categories launch new brands, introduce new products and achieve new success.

Let’s discuss how we can build your brand to be the brand it was meant to be.

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7 Criteria to Select the Best Idea via @Inc

Despite 25 Years Of Ad Growth, Diversity Remains A Challenge

“Snackle” branding of gas station food by @QuikTrip has popped up. Nice photography, icon imagery and clever identity. Should be interesting to see a) if it lasts and b) if competition follows suit #fastfood #branding

I’ve read a lot of books, articles and research on the art of naming, and this article, by far, is the best. Naming is one of THE most challenging tasks a marketer will encounter. This will help you and your team get started

Check out my new “Marketing Minute” in @FloorFocus magazine for July. The shortage of qualified installers is real. Marketing will help you attract them. #branding #DigitalMarketing #skilledlaborshortage

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