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I’ve helped companies across a variety of categories launch new brands, introduce new products and achieve new success.

Let’s discuss how we can build your brand to be the brand it was meant to be.

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B2B campaign developed for Propex American-made carpet backing systems. As an "ingredient" these backings are never seen in carpet, yet they are beautiful in their own right. See more work at

Walmart is searching for ways to fight Amazon. Its latest: a personal-shopping service that hand delivers a single box of cereal or helps plan a kid’s birthday party.

Metroflor Attraxion - Fork truck test via @YouTube Very impressive demonstration of the power of a floor installed by magnetism

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16 hours ago

BrandBiz, Inc. 2018 Campaign for Propex Global Carpet Backings is shown in this video. Propex brands Polybac, Actionbac and Artis are premium backings used in the best ... ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

BrandBiz, Inc.

Will Independent Retailers Survive the Retail Apocalypse? First remember, branding, as in politics, is all local! My new article on this topic. ... See MoreSee Less

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